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Women Scientists and the pandemic challenges of motherhood

Andreia Silva de Souto-Marchand (Ed.)

Shortly after the closure of many cities due to the increase in cases of Covid-19, teleworking and virtual classes filled the houses with activities that were previously restricted to environments outside the home. And so, there was the overload of domestic work that added to professional obligations and the maternal need to “have to handle everything”. Faced with the pandemic picture of innumerable problems, which went beyond public health, the initiative of the “Collective of Mothers Scientists” emerged, which turned out to be the first interventionist proposal to the scenario in which many scientists were abruptly thrown. The intention was to guarantee at least one publication for women who, due to the work overload, were reducing their professional productivity, and who, by themselves, would not be able to publish any paper during this period. As a result, this book brings 9 of the 18 scientific articles that were produced during the months of activities to support the collective production of these scientists who are mothers and who work in different institutions in Brazil and abroad. Actions like this show the potential of Science to face the different difficulties that arise in the spheres of life.


Nº de pág.: 115

ISBN: 978-65-5917-149-1

DOI: 10.22350/9786559171491

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